Security Control Design and Review

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At Critical Assets, we understand that there are significant differences between traditional Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) environments. The delicate nature of real-time OT systems like SCADA and ICS requires customized approaches to many aspects of security control implementation, audit, and governance. While OT environments may include traditional IT elements, information security controls for OT environments must be tailored to ensure the real-time availability of the systems. Compliance, governance, and audit functions must also be adjusted to address these delicacies. Critical Assets has the experience in traditional IT security control implementation and auditing, along with the knowledge of the necessary adjustments that must be made in order to fulfill business requirements of these real-time OT systems.

Prior to the implementation of security controls pertaining to the protection of your critical infrastructure, it is important to ensure that those controls meet your business, security, and compliance requirements. Thorough evaluation and documentation of these requirements will help your company make good choices when selecting hardware, software, or services for information security controls. Critical Assets will work with you to create control design criteria and metrics, and will review design proposals to ensure they meet or exceed these criteria.