Physical Security Perimeter (PSP) Assessment

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One of the most overlooked aspects of a security program for Critical Infrastructure is the periodic testing of Physical Security Controls.

Physical Security AssessmentWhether it’s an inside or outside threat, unauthorized physical access to your critical cyber assets and systems can cause irreparable harm to your organizations image, and revenue loss, fines, or other penalties. We offer a variety of physical security testing that simulates “real-world” threats.

Pairing “red team” testing with a review of your existing physical security plan will allow us to identify gaps in your physical security strategy. We also provide remediation guidance to address any vulnerabilities that we discover.

Some basic questions that you may want to consider in order to better protect your critical assets are:

  • The quality of locks on your doors. Sure, this seems simple, but do you know the difference between locks with security pins and those without?
  • Are you confident that your motion sensing doors are not able to be activated from outside your perimeter?
  • Does your camera coverage have blind spots?
  • Are your proximity badges easily cloneable?
  • How well segmented is internal physical security? Do employees from non-related departments have access to sensitive data?