Information Security and Compliance Framework Development

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Today’s compliance and security officers have a difficult challenge – tracking security controls and compliance requirements across a multitude of standards is an incredibly daunting task – one which nobody should go at alone. Meeting NERC CIP is a priority for you, but the challenge is to create a program where typical information technology security policies and controls match the needs and objectives of operational technology rollouts or upgrades.

The only way to truly address this issue is to develop a compliance management program that is custom tailored to your organization where:

  • The Intricacies of the operational environment
  • The history of the information technology security rollout and;
  • The requirements of regulatory bodies

are simultaneously addressed.

Critical Assets will help you develop a security and compliance program framework that maps your existing security controls to your organization’s various compliance requirements. Tracking in this fashion can enable your organization to effectively manage your information security and compliance programs in a thorough and fiscally responsible manner. By developing and implementing a managed framework, you will have the ability to adjust security controls as compliance requirements change, while maintaining both security and compliance.