With targeted attacks becoming the norm, a “one size fits all” approach to information security is no longer practical or effective. Since 2008, we have tailored our information security services offerings to work with leading companies in a multitude of verticals, including, but not limited to:

Retail establishments, online services, e-commerce merchants and processors all share the same essential risk profile. Insecure networks and applications equal lost revenue and regulatory fines. Compliance does NOT equal security. Critical Assets holistic security approach enables retail organizations to realize compliance as an output of proper cyber security initiatives.
Critical Assets has the experience and knowledge to help you create a sustainable security program aligned to your risk tolerance and NERC CIP compliance requirements. We offer a variety of services to facilitate the planning, development, implementation, compliance, and ongoing governance required to demonstrate compliance with the NERC CIP and other regional reliability standards.
If you are planning on launching an online service or you are planning on major changes to your web application, application security should be a primary consideration. Critical Assets has helped hundreds of companies identify and mitigate vulnerabilities that could potentially compromise user PII or cause brand damage.
HIPAA compliance is a hurdle, but also of critical importance is the sanctity of networked computers and devices that control mission critical resources. Healthcare organizations need to insure that that the same devices which are used to save lives cannot be compromised in such a way that causes loss of life. It’s not just about patient data and compliance anymore. It’s about understanding the risk of vendor products and how they expose you.
Efficacy, reliability, and trust are primary considerations for customers of the financial services industry. Whether you’re moving currency, trading equities, or managing portfolios, security is paramount in an era where speed and interconnectivity keep customers.