“Return to Sender” – Hands Free WiFi Exploitation.

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Reviewing current digital security attack vectors this evening, I’m curious as to why we aren’t see more “attacks by courier”. Many companies employ 3rd Party Courier Services these days. These are groups that are generally considered trustworthy and rarely questioned.

If you were to package a Raspberry Pi or Wifi Pineapple with an extended battery pack, you could have it delivered by courier and sit inside a corporation, crack WEP/WPA2 keys and sniff out data for quite some time. If it is sent to a non-existent party within the organization, it would simply be “returned to sender”. Of course, after it took several days moving through the organization looking for the fake delivery point.

Partnered with a cellular connection, it could transmit real-time using a netcat/cryptcat, tor-based reverse shell for calling home until it simply ran out of power. As a device could be developed for less than $40 with wireless capabilities, I believe I’ll be reading more about this in the near future.

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