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Doing business over the Internet in today’s day and age requires added investment in system security to meet ¬†regulatory demands, customer, and partner demands. Attack complexity and sophistication is on the rise. Failure to account for security in the early stages of software development WILL lead to increased costs and lost revenue down the road.

The fact of the matter is that the more lines of code you write, the more vulnerable your application is. Recent studies indicate that nearly half of all application security vulnerabilities are completely preventable.

Industry data also suggests that cost to organizations who address application security late in the game are as much as 80 percent higher.

When even information security product vendors are regularly compromised, you simply can’t afford to ignore the problem or ¬†have a half baked strategy.

Critical Assets is committed to helping our clients produce and remediate high quality software by adopting a holistic approach to measuring the risk associated with an application, and repairing deficient programming practices.

Your customers and your internal constituents depend on you to protect the integrity and sanctity of their data. Our application and code auditing services are tailored to meet the requirements of your specific development process, ensuring that your critical data remains safe from attack.