Matthew G. Harrigan
Matt Harrigan is a security industry veteran. He is accredited with inventing and popularizing the practice of commercial penetration testing in Kevin Poulsen’s recent NY Times best selling book “Kingpin.” In 1994, Mr. Harrigan founded MCR, the first commercial information security consulting company, where he rolled out the industry’s first MSSP.

He is the former president of NSS Labs, the industry’s leading security product performance laboratory. Prior to NSS, Mr. Harrigan was a Vice President for Trustwave (TWAV). He currently serves as the President and Chairman of Critical Assets, a cyber security R&D company that The Pentagon looks to for innovative concepts.

He has appeared in most major media outlets, including ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, The Discovery Channel, Canadian Broadcast Network, TV Asahi (Japan), Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Computerworld, and others.

Amy Kohtz
CA Labs
Amy Kohtz coordinates the efforts of brilliant researchers, industry, and government at CA Labs. She comes to Critical Assets from Recursion Ventures, where she was lead proposal author and development coordinator. Amy managed her first startup in 1999 and has founded, designed, and coded creative and commercial web projects using many different extensible development frameworks. She has created and co-organized online and brick and mortar communities with thousands of members. Amy studied electrical engineering at the University of Idaho and is familiar with a multitude of web-ready and object oriented programming languages.
Michael Tiffany
Michael is an expert in complex communications systems and big data. Michael is currently the CEO of whiteops. Prior to whiteops, Michael Tiffany co-founded recursion ventures in New York, a cyber security incubator.

Over the last 15 years, he has held senior executive positions at Winfirst, LLC – the largest series A investment by the venture community in history ($880M), and Acteon West – one of the most prolific web hosting and development companies in the US western region (acq 1999).